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Choose your future innovative projects with SELECT

After having collected the different ideas of your collaborators, you have to select the most promising ones, to then lead the project to its realization.

But how can you successfully choose your company's future project without making a mistake?

The answer lies in our SELECT platform.

Strategeex's complete career path

As we have already presented to you, the Strategeex pathway is composed of several steps that will help you lead your innovation projects to success.

Different phases are present. We provide you with modules that will help you :

  • control the realization of your projects (SCOPE & STEER)

  • to define the strategic elements that make up your business (DEFINE & EXPLORE)

  • or to develop ideas through collective intelligence (IDEATE)

SELECT represents the intermediate step, the one that will give you the keys to choose the opportunities.

What can be achieved through SELECT?

After an ideation stage where the main lines of the project have been formed, we must now test the resistance of the idea.

We therefore move from the creativity phase to the business phase. To do this, preliminary analyses of the market and the attractiveness of the project must be carried out.


If you have been using the IDEATE platform, you have already performed a strengths and weaknesses analysis.

The SELECT diagnostic complements your initial analyses, while remaining superficial. The goal is to quickly evaluate the interest of your project to choose if there is an opportunity within it. The questionnaires made available are based on management and development matrices within reach of all.

The versatility of the platform allows you to conduct several analysis phases on different projects simultaneously. You will have access to a cockpit where all analyses are centralized.

SELECT Diagnostics Home

This overview will allow you to monitor all the analyses and their status thanks to the statuses (complete or in progress).

Time is a key in this step, where you want to have a quick result, but also spread it over other projects. Strategeex offers you a configuration that fulfills both needs.


You will have access to two types of analyses that will help you determine two important aspects during this selection phase.

Intérieur d'un diagnostic SELECT

The first will be the attractiveness of the project. In a business development phase, you will be able to evaluate in a preliminary way in which market(s) this project will be implanted while determining in a rough way the environment and the implantation on different terms of time.

Overview of SELECT questionnaires

You will determine the contributions of the project to your company and its objectives and the market attractiveness.

These different points will allow you to establish a business strategy based on the Business Model process.

The purpose of this first set of questionnaires is to challenge the foundations you have imagined for this potential project and to illuminate the points of threats and opportunities.

This analysis will be the entry point to a brainstorming session that will ultimately help you decide if it is worthwhile to pursue this project.

But to make this final decision, you also need to discuss the budget and determine if the project is feasible and profitable. This is why the second stage of analysis is focused on the financial elements that will be involved in your future project.

This forecasting questionnaire will allow you to evaluate the feasibility and success of the project at the time of its launch by determining the potential turnover and the height of the related investments.

Example of a SELECT attractiveness graph

Thanks to these different analyses conducted with SELECT, you will be able to challenge the parameters of your project, and then select the best and most attractive projects to develop within your company.

As you navigate through the platform, you'll find that every written action you take has a graphical version, allowing everyone to see the best possible picture throughout the process.

Collective intelligence is the concept that drives our different platforms. We want to offer you the best sharing experience to facilitate your teamwork and optimize the success of your projects in every detail.

To use SELECT and perform your analyses, the Strategeex team accompanies you with its experts, but also through its Academy training platform to help you successfully select future projects.

The process being personalized, a multitude of details are added to an in-depth explanation of the module. For more information, especially on an implementation at your company, you can make an appointment with one of our experts.



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