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Manage your projects with STEER

In this fifth article on the discovery of project management software by Strategeex, we will focus on the STEER part.

We are in the last phase of project management which is the implementation phase.

Strategeex's software complete path

Let's recap the different steps that led us to STEER.

With IDEATE, you have collected different ideas to study for a possible implementation in your company.

With SELECT, you conducted analyses to choose the most attractive project.

In SCOPE, you have analyzed the market elements in depth and framed the project in order to start the concrete development of the project.

The STEER part is the final step, since it is with this part that you will control the progress and plan for possible hitches.

Steering via GANTT

To help you control your project and its execution, we have chosen the most practical tool in project management: the GANTT chart. It will allow you a visual representation of the progress of the tasks in your project.

Overview of the GANTT

To plan your activity schedule in the best possible way, you can integrate in your GANTT :

  • activities that vary according to type, sector, factors

  • tasks which are specific points contained in the activities

  • subtasks of tasks to micro-manage

  • timeframes to control progress over time

  • interdependencies that allow for optimal organization

  • deadlines to help delimit the activities and tasks in the execution period

  • milestones to keep track of important dates

Navigation in STEER

Actions in progress

Action tab

You will be able to access a To Do List space to keep an overview of all the tasks to be accomplished but also those to be added as the project progresses.

The indicator tab

Overview of indicators

You will be able to estimate, manage and follow numerical analyses in real time, on different criteria that you will establish according to your needs. All these analyses will be accompanied by graphic restitutions.

The strategic dashboard

Overview of the STEER dashboard

You will be able to deepen your follow-ups through a strategic dashboard. This is a different aspect of the dashboard, presented above. The strategic dashboard allows you to track quantifiable values such as inventory, return on investment and other financial elements.

STEER graphic restitution

This part will allow you not only to follow the progress of the project during its realization but also after its launching with real time data.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose or not Strategeex as your next project management tool.

Thanks to its different modules, Strategeex is an end-to-end solution, which follows you from the generation of project ideas to their follow-up after launch.

Strategeex in one phase is: a solution that helps you to carry out all your future innovative projects.

You will soon be able to find more in-depth articles on the functioning of the different platforms.



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