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Mastering the scoping phase of your selected projects with SCOPE - Part 2

In this fourth article on the discovery of project management software by Strategeex, we continue the exploration of the SCOPE module. As a reminder, we are in the project selection phase.

The first step was to determine the potential of the projects you wanted to analyze, using the preliminary analyses of SELECT.

Following these analyses, in order to deepen your project strategy, you entered the first step of SCOPE, using BMC (Business Model Canvas). This helped you determine the unique strategy for each project being analyzed.

The last step to finalize your project selection will be through the additional and in-depth analyses of SCOPE.

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The diagnostics available in SCOPE echo those you already conducted in the SELECT step. However, the SCOPE analyses are more advanced than the ones you performed in the SELECT step. The goal is to measure the viability and sustainability of the future project to be implemented.

Internal analysis

In SELECT you had access to a limited number of questionnaires. Since the goal of SCOPE analysis is to help you enter the decision-making process, you will have a more elaborate panel of questionnaires at your disposal.

They will function in the same way as the SELECT questionnaires, with a scaling system, the possibility of commenting and sharing, and the visual restitution of your analyses.

SCOPE analysis dashboard

Four themes are available to you. Having already carried out the preliminary analyses and mapped out your strategy with the BMC, these questionnaires will help you adjust your strategy. As they will help you find the factors that could weaken the implementation of the project and the internal and external risks.

The internal analysis questionnaires will allow you to place your project on the competitive market and find the differentiating elements. You will also be able to expand your financial analysis by conducting forecasts.

You will find a Canvas analysis with the same categories as the OMG.

Overview of internal analysis questionnaires

This questionnaire will allow you to challenge yourself on the CMB you have already established and allow you to position yourself on the market. Thanks to the graphic restitution, you will be able to analyze the potential of the CMB and modify it according to the results.

In addition to the internal analysis, you will have access to three other analyses, external analyses, ecosystems and objectives.

External analysis

Overview of external analysis questionnaires

You will study the attractions and life cycle of the market in which you wish to position yourself during the actual implementation of your project. After that, you will be able to establish your first market evaluations.

Ecosystem analysis

Following the preliminary market analysis, you will analyze the alignment of your project with market trends. As for the two previous steps, these analyses will allow you to challenge your existing strategy and improve it according to the results obtained.

Objective analysis

Overview of objective analysis questionnaires

The last analysis you will perform on SCOPE will be the strategic interest related to the project. In this questionnaire, you are interested in the environmental impact and commitment of your project.

Once the different analyses of the SCOPE diagnosis have been established, you will continue to challenge your answers with your collaborators. The objective is for you to select the most attractive project. Strategeex has given you all the keys in hand to make the best decision. You will be able to find us in the final step of the process with the STEER module which will allow you to control the implementation of your selected project.



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