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Mastering the scoping phase of your selected projects with SCOPE - Part 1

In this third article on how Strategeex software can help you ensure the success of your strategic projects, we will focus on the SCOPE part.

This step follows the project selection with SELECT, which we explored in the second article of the series.

Strategeex's complete career path

Following your preliminary analyses of the various projects you have collected (via SELECT), you want to go deeper into the research field to make sure that they are viable projects. The SCOPE step will allow you to expand your field of analysis through two study phases.

The Canvas

To define your project strategy, you will need to define different analysis factors detailing your project. At Strategeex, we have determined that the best way is to use Canvas (with the foundation of a Business Model Canvas).

The Canvas tool gives you a one-page overview of the project you want to analyze in more detail. It answers the following four main questions:

  • What? (definition of the Value Proposition)

  • Who? (definition of the customer segment)

  • How? (definition of the means of implementation)

  • How much? (definition of the business model)

Why use a BMC ?

Using Canvas for your projects, you can delimit and explore the different strategic, commercial and financial points to have a first analysis of the related potential.

Several types of Canvas exist depending on the project. For example, for innovation projects, the standard Canvas used is the BMC. For your digitalization projects, the Numeric Canvas is interesting. Or for your technical projects, you have the R&T Canvas at your disposal.

The digitalization of the tool allows you to go further in the elaboration of the Canvas which allows to mature the project in a limited time. The goal is to remove the hypotheses and risks related to the project(s). All this in a collaborative way, in internal or open innovation.


Like all the other platforms we offer, you can also conduct multiple Canvas analyses at the same time for different projects.

The BMC's homepage

In the same spirit as IDEATE, you can make documents available within a Canvas, but also create to-do lists, track connections and share the different screens available within your Canvas.

You can create multiple exploratory Canvas (which we will explain below) via this option.

Our experts are at your disposal, if you wish to be guided in their creations and be sure that your requests reach the best Canvas.

Inside a Canvas

Since your Canvas will be shared with different members of your team, each person will be able to collaborate in its elaboration. The purpose of this step is to give you an overview of the possibilities surrounding your project. The different categories will guide the strategy of your project. To analyze the opportunity, you will determine the value proposition, the key points for realization and the financial data.

The determination of the Canvas, will allow you to move to the second step of SCOPE analysis (which we will explain in the next article), leading to the decision to carry out the project or not.

Example of a view in a BMC SCOPE

The lower part, which represents the financial estimates, will allow you to work on the economic model of the project. It will help you to conduct a general financial analysis to have a first vision of the budget and profitability.

Exploratory Canvas

Example of SCOPE Exploratory Canvas

To go further, there will be exploratory Canvas at your disposal to analyze in depth and identify all the elements of the project. The purpose of these exploratory Canvas is to provide detail.

The goal of INNOVATE is to help you define the field in a complete way to help you make a decision but also own your strategy when setting up this project.

Example of SCOPE Exploratory Canvas

You can, for example, analyze your Buyer Persona, R&T, purchases and other specific points with the different templates at your disposal.

Navigation in the Canvas

The displays

At the level of visualization during the creation and enrichment of your Canvas, we offer you different views / presentation mode. We have noticed that changing observation angles makes it easier to realize what is missing. It is also a way to stimulate the brain to find new ideas.

Display Mode

Presentation Mode

You can easily share your Canvas with others on your team through the various sharing links on INNOVATE. If you want to keep a visual record of your Canvas outside of our platform, you'll have the option to download a copy and share and save it in your own documents.

The help guide

Because we know that sometimes building a Canvas is tedious and that some notions are difficult to understand, we provide a guide available on the platform.

No need to go looking for the notions on Google. This help also comes with a personalized follow-up with a Strategeex consultant, thanks to our offer "Consulting Module".

Overview of how to use the guide
The themes of the guide

Our Academy platform can also be an additional help to help you get started easily. We offer methodology courses on the platform to build Canvas so that you can choose the most suitable ones for your needs and your projects.

So, that was the first step of the project selection phase. In our next article, we will explain the second step, which is the detailed analysis of the project using the SCOPE diagnostics.



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