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The IDEATE platform makes its appearance at Strategeex

Following the acquisition of the innovative idea management platform, Funnl, Strategeex presents the IDEATE program.

Before the acquisition of Funnl, Strategeex started the strategic management process by selecting projects to be carried out. This means that you could ask Strategex to help you choose the best projects to develop within your company. Now we help you find those projects to develop.

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Collective intelligence

The eternal difficulty of a company is to find the projects that will help it not to lose its attractiveness and competitiveness. But after years of existence, it sometimes becomes complicated to find these promising projects. Many factors are involved and vary according to the time and context. However, one thing has been proven: to improve the business of a company, boosting the productivity of employees is the key.

The question is: how to do this without having to make drastic changes? Collective intelligence.

Collective intelligence is the concept of making optimal use of the abilities and skills of a group of individuals and of placing the focus on a collective rather than individual work. This way of doing things allows to find creative and innovative solutions for a common goal.

Placing on the basis of a working group, a round system can be done, where different people from different profiles are brought in and out to expand the reflection. Collaboration and communication are the key values of this concept.

In view of the importance of collective intelligence within a company, Strategeex has observed an opportunity. The one, to allow you to stimulate and develop the creativity of your collaborators. By setting up a platform like IDEATE, Strategeex offers you the keys to the future resolution of your company's challenges.

Thanks to IDEATE, you have at your disposal a discussion space to allow them to express their ideas. The impacts are as much financial as human. It will have a positive impact on their well-being at work, where they will feel useful and listened to. This gain in productivity will ultimately have an impact on the attractiveness of your company.

Think of IDEATE as your brainstorming board. Like these brainstorming sessions, your navigation will be done in three phases.

Phase 1: Delineation

Before setting up the idea collection, you will have to delimit your research area, to help your collaborators understand what you want to collect. This will be done by determining a vision, specific to each of your ideation phases. It is a guideline that will help your collaborators understand the needs that must be met.

Through the concept of challenges, you will delimit a theme where your collaborators will then be able to submit their ideas regarding this theme.

You can carry out several ideation sessions at the same time, via interposed challenges.

Overview of the Challenges menu

This will allow you to collect ideas on different themes present in your company or within your department.

Projects to make the company more ecological, the definition of a new policy of well-being at work, a new product line to develop, everything that deserves to be improved can be included. You determine the scope by yourself.

Within each challenge, you will be able to determine what your expectations are regarding the project, its duration and the collaborators to participate.

Phase 2: Harvesting

Within each challenge to which you will assign your collaborators, they will be able to submit their own project ideas.

Being based on collaboration, for each idea, there is a space for exchange where the other participants can give their opinions, ideas for improvement, rate the idea on its attractiveness and feasibility.

As we know that an idea can have an instantaneous nature, we have done everything possible to simplify the process of submitting ideas. It's quick and easy so you don't lose the idea in the blink of an eye. Just give your idea a title and a description and save it for availability in the challenge.

As the administrator of your idea, you have at your disposal a panel of tests that will allow you to judge the attractiveness and feasibility of your project in more depth. This will allow the challenge managers to have a more thorough analysis and therefore potentially select your idea.

Example of test available on IDEATE

Ideate is not only an idea centralizer, it also allows you to have at your disposal your own "social network". On the platform, you will be able to plan events such as meetings, make available documentary sources and have access to the list of people involved in the same challenges as you, if you need help or other.

Phase 3: Analysis

After creating your challenges and collecting ideas, you need to analyze the ideas you received.

IDEATE Dashboard

We provide you with a dashboard that will allow you to have an overview of the activities related to the challenges and your team. More specifically, you will find the different statistical analyses on the engagement rate, the list of users using the platform within your company.

IDEATE Dashboard

You will also be able to analyze the projects that your collaborators liked the most thanks to a ranking dashboard.

This summary will allow you, at the end, to choose the most interesting and attractive ideas while continuing to engage the opinion of your teams in the process.

Ideate offers you all the keys to boost your imagination and get your hands on your future projects. Now all you have to do is adopt Ideate with Strategeex.

In a following article, we will explain the next step of the project management process with the selection of ideas using our Select interface.


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