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Strategeex completes its journey by acquiring Funnl

Since the creation of Strategeex, the goal of our company is to support companies in their efforts to implement innovation projects. Since 2016, when you use the software, depending on your needs, you have access to different modules:

  • Define allows you to (re)define your company strategy or business model

  • Select gives you the possibility to select projects with the best opportunities

  • Scope is the step that helps you master the scoping phase of your selected projects

  • Steer is the module for managing all the projects implemented within your company

  • Explore allows you to explore the key themes of your priority projects

Now, we offer you a new module that completes our journey: IDEATE. A unique SAAS platform for idea generation, which is implemented in an environment conducive to the success of your projects.

In early 2021, Olivier Paccoud, CEO of Strategeex, acquired the idea generation software Funnl.

The company was created by three MBA students specializing in entrepreneurship at ESCP. Their goal was to fill a gap they recognized in business optimization. The idea earned them a Banque X Incubator award.

One of Funnl's managers contacted Strategeex a year ago to discuss the common interest between the two platforms. Unintentionally, Funnl and Strategeex complemented each other perfectly in the objective of helping companies manage their projects in the long term.

A year later, Funnl was bought and integrated into Strategeex. Funnl then became IDEATE.

The acquisition of Funnl allows us to offer you an even more elaborate strategic development and project implementation path.

While we were originally proposing a follow-up from the Select stage in the project follow-up path, you can now start the Strategeex process with the generation of ideas within your company's collective.

IDEATE offers your teams the possibility to participate in the active search for ideas. You open yourself up to new opportunities that may not have been considered before. The involvement of your employees initiates the entrepreneurial process and pushes the use of collective intelligence in order to improve the company.

IDEATE is currently being tested by some of our clients and is being fully used by the pharmaceutical company ROCHE.

Having already used our DEFINE tool, the company decided to push the experience by including its employees in its strategic initiative prioritization project. The goal was for them to come up with ideas regarding the different strategic initiatives they had worked on beforehand.

Ideation answers all kinds of needs, whether they are strategic, innovative or developmental. No barrier exists, because ideas are infinite.

So, are you ready to embark on the Strategeex experience and breathe new life into your company?


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